So I red today that Mike Brown was shot twice as many times as British police have discharged their weapons in THE ENTIRE COUNTRY FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. As in, British police have used their weapons 3 times in the last year, killing no one. Now I'm far from saying that British police are perfect, and that the UK is a… » 8/19/14 6:54pm 8/19/14 6:54pm

Great essay that one. Was at uni with mainly French people (studying in English), and sent them all that to help them unlearn French writing techniques, which seem to me to consist of flowery and obscure language in an incredibly formulaic strcture. » 7/01/14 9:32am 7/01/14 9:32am

So I'm a huge football ('soccer') fan and there are so many reasons one can legitimately criticise it - a culture of racism and sexism, ridiculously overpaid, overdramatic stars, the BBC's insistence on making us listen to Phil Neville etc. » 6/26/14 8:07pm 6/26/14 8:07pm

So I know this is going to get different responses cos different states have different laws but can you not drink in parks in the US? Drinking in parks is one of my favourite Sunday afternoon activities. (Except I live in the UK, so rare is the day one can do this without being drenched). Public drinking ftw » 6/09/14 5:59pm 6/09/14 5:59pm

The boys in my sixth form had to wear suits and I used to get incredibly distracted in biology (the irony) by the boy in front of me whose back muscles rippled through his tight suit jacket. DID HE GET PHOTOSHOPPED?!? NO! » 6/06/14 11:23am 6/06/14 11:23am

I wouldn't say gliding over, but just doing them at the same time no? I mean, they run concurrently and can you IMAGINE what the internet would do if there was no Peter Dinklage for a whole season? Apparently gliding over the Iron Islands plot though. » 5/25/14 2:20pm 5/25/14 2:20pm

Doesn't the gingery-brown come from the Tully side though? I read (I think) on the asoiaf wiki that all the Starks, bar Arya, look like Tullys with their auburn hair, whereas Arya and JS are said to look alike, and Arya is also supposed to look like Lyanna. Anyway, I really like the L + R = JS theory, I think it seems… » 5/22/14 10:24am 5/22/14 10:24am